Antonio Martinez

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Antwerp: Ragtime for the Playful Soul, Op.2 No.5

Alternative title
Anvers: Ragtime pour L'âme Joueuse
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez
Jazz / Ragtime
Scored for
Type of score
For a single performer
C major
Very difficult
Year of composition

This is the fifth destination in the collection of the series "Ragtime at the Red Light District." This piece is set at Antwerp's Villa Tinto.

The main character in this piece is a 29-year old food critic that is visiting Belgium for the first time ever. This vacation was made possible as a birthday gift from many close friends and families. The main character began his journey by sampling some of Belgium's famous foods at the Hoboken District. He then proceeded to sample the country's best vendor foods at kiosks nearby Butchers' Hall and even inside the city's famous Olympic Stadium.

During each food visit, the main character had to always carry his own bottles of champagne and wine. Almost so often does the main character feel bubbly, but never to the point of intoxication. He is sober enough to power walk across town and toward Villa Tinto.

It is there where he does not think about food, but rather the gorgeous female workers that help run Villa Tinto. In fact, the women began organizing unofficial beer races as preparation for the traditional race in November. It is here that the main character arouses the citizens of the street and enjoy an evening of exquisite parties and revelry.

This piece has a format of 4AABBACCDDAA. Scott Joplin's "Elite Syncopations" and "Original Rags" were the basis for this piece. In addition, influences from Johann Strauss are evident during the third section of this piece.

Upload date: 24 May 2011

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1.99 USD
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