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Arnhem: Ragtime for the Relaxing Soul, Op.2 No.2

Alternative title
Arnhem: Ragtime voor de Ontspannende
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez
Jazz / Ragtime
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Type of score
For a single performer
B major
Very difficult
Year of composition

This is the second destination in the collection of the series "Ragtime at the Red Light District." This rag is set at Arnhem's Spijkerkwartier.

The main character in this piece is a 27-year old history major that is studying abroad for the spring semester in the Netherlands. This main character has a special affinity for studying about the history of the Netherlands, particularly when it comes to the nation and its involvement in wars. During the early portion of the semester, the main character often visited many of Arnhem's famous sites while also admiring the city's famous architecture. Among notable sites included the Papendal Centre, key points of interest during the Battle за Арнем and the city's famous bridges, particularly Sakharov Bridge.

When not studying history, the main character found interest in meeting new people as the person happened to watch a World Cup qualifier at Gelredome. Then something suddenly hit the main character. For all the work and and the time the main character spent in Arnhem, boredom entered the main character's psyche as the spring semester approached its climax.

This was when the main character began on an arduous power walk across the city and into a place where relaxation can sink in without sacrificing schoolwork. That came at Spijkerkwartier, where a revival of the red-light district has seen numerous women inject new life into the area. The main character had finally found an oasis to relax and even conjure up exciting fantasies to ponder heading back from studying so much.

This piece has a format of 4AABBACCDAEE. Scott Joplin's "Kismet Rag" and "Maple Leaf Rag" were the basis for this piece. Furthermore, there is also an influence from Cyndi Lauper and Robert Hyman's "Time After Time" toward the final strain of the section.

Upload date: 24 May 2011

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