Antonio Martinez

Searching for an Identity

La Jonquera: Ragtime for the Anguished Soul, Op.2 No.35

Alternative title
La Jonquera: Ragtime para el Alma Apenada
Antonio Martinez
Antonio Martinez
Jazz / Ragtime
Scored for
Type of score
For a single performer
E flat minor
Very difficult
Year of composition

This is the thirty-fifth destination in the collection of the series "Ragtime at the Red Light District." This piece is set at La Jonquera's Le Paradise.

The main character in this piece is a 27-year old hard-working bartender who was a notorious chauvinist according to his peers. This person never had any inspiration from women and at times took pride with this bad habit. That was until one day when two sleeping, homeless people approached the main character not asking for money, but rather holding a New York Times article dated April 6, 2012. These two people were apparitions of St. Emily de Vialar and St. Agnes of Rome. These saints condemned the main character's attitude of chauvinism and apathy. So the two saints power walked with the main character toward the Ruins of the Castell de Rocabertí.

It was there that these two saints stood along with four other women from La Jonquera, and these were women who came to the city against their will and dignity. These women told stories of how their dreams were broken and crushed by men whose characteristics were similar to that of the chauvinist main character.

After two hours listening to the women's stories, the main character entered Le Paradise and the crude men running the area demanded the main character to indulge in revelry or risk death. The main character refused to submit and on the brink of sudden death, ushered a quote from Fulton Sheen: "The level of any civilization is always its level of its womanhood." In one second, it would be the crude men that fell to the ground. The main character achieved redemption, knowing that he became grateful for the two saints. He even offered to take the four women to counsel and even find suitable men for them.

This piece has a format of 4AABBC4D4AA8. Dmitri Shosatkovich's "Piano Concerto No. 2" and Suzanne Daley's article from the New York Times were the basis for this piece.

Upload date: 20 Aug 2016

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