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04 April 2015

A Christmas Gift Going a Long Way

Why a simple music book as a gift came out to be the reason I wrote a collection of music called the "Rags of the Red-Light District"

Over a span of three or four years, I remember getting about five or six music books for piano that would he mee become an avid follower of music. One book

I remember Christmas in 2002 when I was still in high school and music interest was becoming very evident it would be something of interest in the long run. I remember getting a gift that at first, I was not sure how I would react at first. Today, it not only was a great gift, but it was the reason I would look to emulate in the footsteps of this great American composer.

Late in 2002, I had not known too much about American music in the late 19th and early 20th century. Most of my interest had been studying main composers of each era of music: Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Contemporary. Most of these composers came from Europe, but I rarely had studied American Music (except for maybe MacDowell). But in 2003, I played Elite Syncopations and The Sycamore and were the first two rags I can remember playing for the first time.

Little did I know then that come four years later, that book would be the basis for why I would have an interest in writing rags, primarily the structure and the format of what makes the rags so special and timeless.

It was all thanks to a Christmas gift in 2002.




Antonio Martinez
16 Apr 2015
Well, LK, it is great you came up with that idea because each composition has a story that comes about. I still have the manuscript of an assignment that I did for a music theory class in 2003 during my junior year in high school, and little did I know that would help me in writing an orchestral piece that I have up on my website. As far as most of the piano pieces I have written, I draw on the music and the manuscript that I often practiced during my piano playing days in the hopes of keeping classical music alive in the United States and abroad for future generations.
14 Apr 2015
Very interesting to know what inspires a composer to create his compositions.

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